One of my favorite humor authors is the late Walt Kelly, creator of the comic strip Pogo (1948-1975). It’s a fine study of economics, politics, relationships, and the unlimited absurdities of human nature.

I just bought a copy of a collection of Sunday strips called Pogo’s Double Sundae. In one piece the characters are discussing grammar — a subject pertinent to business plans, business writing and business presentations:

“A octopus did got him? Is that grammatiwackle?”
“As grammacklewack as rain…”is got” is the present aloofable tense an “did got” is past particuticle.”
“…Mighty strange. My teachers allus learnt me that the past inconquerable tense had a li’l’ more body to it.”
“‘Course what he ought to holler is OCTOPOTMUS IS GOT ME!”
“He could of hollered OCTOPOTS DID GOT ME!”
“That’d be more the past invokable tense–only for use ‘gainst elephants an’ other dry type game.”
“Then, in that case he’d of hollered ELEPHUMPS DID GOT ME!”
“I’d use the present indictible tense more like this — RHINOCKWURSTS DONE IS GOT ME!”
“The future provokable would be better — more like HIPPOLOLLIPOPS IS GONE …”

Exquisite humor says this editor…unless you find it in a business plan or presentation.

As I’ve harped before…proofread your writing, use a spell checker, use a grammer checker, and have someone else you trust (like your lil’ ol’ co-worker, me? –Teri) [Exactly! – SL] read, critique and correct your work.

Steve Lange
Senior Editor
Palo Alto Software