WindpowerAre you running a “Green” business? Are you building “Green” products? Is the brightness of your “Greenness” important to your customer?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, let it shine, make sure your customers know about your “Greenness.”

I’ll give you an example of a local business that’s doing a great job of letting their customers know about their “Greenness” everyday.

Yesterday, we had a working lunch at the Ring of Fire, a local Thai restaurant. While viewing the menu, a co-worker, noticed a nicely placed “Green” statement.

Ring of Fire restaurant is committed to sustainability and uses
sustainable practices whenever possible. We use organic products as
much as is physically and financially feasible, purchase 100% of our
electricity from EWEB renewable wind power, reduce energy and waste
with in-house conservation policies, filter our water with an
Aqua-Metrics system, recycle everything possible, compost approximately
7,200 gallons of material every year and implement many other small
changes which we hope will lead us and our customers to a healthier
lifestyle and environment. Please join us in these conservation
Thank you for dining with us

This “Green” statement does an excellent job of letting the customer know that being “Green” is important to the owners and employees of the Ring of Fire restaurant.  The statement is specific, they use EWEB renewable window power, and it’s focused on the activities of the business.

This “Green” statement made everyone at the table feel good about spending money at the restaurant – making us more likely to return. It’s a smart move for the restaurant because the local community prides itself on being “Green” – I’m sure it generates lots of free “word of mouth” advertising. It produced an additional positive point – it started a conversation at our table about the local options for buying wind power. I wonder how many Ring of Fire patrons have switched to wind power as a result of reading about it on the menu?

The Ring of Fire is a “Green” business and they’re doing a great job of letting their customers know about it. Are you running a “Green” business? If you are – say it! If you aren’t – shame on you.

Cale Bruckner

[Photo credit: Flickr user rpeschetz]

Cale BrucknerCale Bruckner

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