Over the weekend I discovered Guy Kawasaki’s 10-minute YouTube video version of his new book Enchantment. When the book came out I reviewed it on my blog. I loved it, I recommended it, and bought some extra copies for people I work with. It’s very easy to read, and full of good advice. I concluded there:

Guy is preaching what he practices. And, following his own advice, being a mensch, he wants to help you figure it out. And, since he is a gifted communicator, story teller, and simplifier, the book is one of those that I want people I know to read.

And here is Guy himself, with a 10-minute summary: ” If for any reason you don’t get the video here, you can click this link for the YouTube original. You might also like Guy’s own collection of slides and interviews, which is where I found it (with thanks to Guy on twitter).

Tim BerryTim Berry

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