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Whether you’re just getting started on your dream of opening a coffee shop or are considered Barista Champion of the World, there’s sure to be a resource you’ll find indispensable.

If you have any of your own to share, let us know in the comments below!

Listen and watch

My Cafe Supplies YouTube Channel

This Australian couple runs a cafe and a website that sells cafe equipment. Their YouTube channel contains straightforward videos with first-hand advice on running a cafe, including useful accounting tips and some fantastic product reviews.

Coffee Awesome Podcast

This monthly podcast hosted by Bjørg Brend Laird explores popular topics in the coffee industry. Bjørg also interviews industry experts for the finer details.


Sweet Maria’s Web Forum 

Sweet Maria’s Coffee is an online retailer of green coffee (unroasted, still green coffee beans) and coffee equipment, that also features an online forum. The forum is a good place to get in the weeds on conversations concerning types of coffee, roasting techniques, and equipment for your shop.

CoffeeGeek Discussions

CoffeeGeek is an online community and resource site that has a forum dedicated to all things coffee, including an international section so you can connect with people in your area. They also have a multitude of resources ranging from a podcast to in-depth, how-to guides.

Be sure to check out their guide on how to buy the best espresso machine for your business.


The Specialty Coffee Association of America

The Specialty Coffee Association of America is a U.S. trade organization that focuses on a broad swath of issues in the coffee industry, including sourcing, equipment, and retailing.

This organization seeks to educate business owners and buyers through membership, classes, and their annual expo, which is one of the largest coffee symposiums in the world.

National Coffee Association Resources

National Coffee Association is also a U.S. trade organization, with a slightly different focus. It is more consumer-facing and focuses on promoting and marketing the consumption of coffee, keeping the coffee business thriving.

The industry resources provided include a business directory of members and a market research library.

Great regular reads

Roast Magazine

Roast Magazine is a bimonthly trade magazine that covers the latest coffee industry news, including information on the industry’s growth. You can subscribe and read online.

Fresh Cup Magazine 

Fresh Cup is a story-driven online magazine with in-depth content on a broad selection of coffee industry topics, from details on running a business to the role of teas and tisanes in the industry.

You can check out their Cafe Basics section for case studies and articles on best practices.

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