You can still access all of the tasks and infographics in this challenge to complete it on your own. Here’s each day of the challenge:

Five days to turn your brand into a brand that means business

If you’re a small business owner with limited resources and big ambitions, listen up. We are conducting the Big Brand Challenge.

Most small businesses think a brand is only something that big businesses can afford. Think again. In partnership with Brand Genie, we’re going to show you just how easy, fun, and affordable branding can actually be.

Beginning June 8th, all you have to do is set aside a bit of time each day to work through the exercises. To take part in, and to get it delivered directly to your email, sign up here.

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What’s a brand? Why do you need one?

A brand is what the outside world thinks of you. Big companies spend big bucks crafting this perception. The best ones (think Google, Coca Cola, McDonalds) orchestrate every detail of their brand from the sign outside to the paint on the wall inside to the way they answer you on the phone. It all makes you feel a certain way when you’re doing business with them. Google = Innovation. Coca Cola = Americana. McDonalds = Play.

You need a brand to convey your values to your customers.

About the Big Brand Challenge

With the Big Brand Challenge we will give you five days of clear direction on how you can build your brand. You don’t have to look big to win. In fact one of the very strengths of small businesses is their size and ability to serve their customers well. And many big companies try to act small and local (think Umpqua Bank). So highlight exactly who you are—but do it with a brand that is polished and puts your best foot forward. If you look shoddy, your customers will expect shoddy work.

So, let’s get you polished up.

The winners

At the end of the week, submit your before and after stories. Brand Genie’s team of branding experts will select the businesses with the biggest transformation. Those winners will receive free branding packs from Brand Genie with their choice of logo, brand guide, or business card files custom designed.

Participate and win! Sign up now.

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