StartupBoeing Helps Entrepreneurs Start AirlinesBelieve it or not, there are major corporations out there willing to advise you (for free) as you start your new business. Why? Maybe because they want to give back a little, and definitely because they’re hoping you’ll become a successful, loyal, lifetime customer.

Take Boeing, for example—the company makes aircrafts, including passenger airplanes, and it also runs StartupBoeing, which is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start new airlines. StartupBoeing offers everything from an airline market analysis and business plan outline to information on where to buy used airplanes and a long list of resources for developing flight schedules and route maps.

It’s really an impressive set of tools for anyone interested in starting an airline, and it’s all available for free.

One major takeaway, no matter what industry you’re starting a business in: Reach out to your potential suppliers for advice and partnership, even while you’re still in the planning stage. If a multibillion-dollar corporation like Boeing makes it a priority to connect with early-stage entrepreneurs, then a small-scale supplier could benefit from connecting with you, too.

Bailey KoharchickBailey Koharchick

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