, a UK based business website which provides online services for UK entrepreneurs and SMEs, has just relaunched with a more diversified offering. While their original focus was predominantly on providing a video based platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas, the new site has a much broader range of offerings.

In part, I assume, to reflect changing economic conditions, they have added a number of sections ranging from a ‘free special offers section’ to a ‘cash back section’ to a ‘price comparison section’ for utility providers to small businesses. These changes would seem to reflect the cost cutting drive many UK SME’s are on as they attempt to shore up their P&L’s against a back drop of falling revenue.

Hopefully this cost cutting mindset is temporary, and entrepreneur’s and SME’s get back to doing what they do best- exploiting opportunities, and hopefully shifting the emphasis back to true entrepreneurship.

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Alan Gleeson

Alan Gleeson is the General Manager of Palo Alto Software UK, makers of LivePlan and Business Plan Pro.