Today’s New York Times includes a story by Sharon McDonnell called “Snoozing at the Terminal”:

“Sleeping overnight in [the] airport has become enough of a phenomenon that it has inspired one recent novel, Dear American Airlines. The author, Jonathan Miles, said he was spurred to write the book after an unscheduled overnight stay at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.

An unscheduled overnight stay at a German airport inspired one business traveler, Frank Giotto, the president of Fiber Instrument Sales in Oriskany, New York, to create the Mini Motel, a one-person tent complete with air mattress, pillow, reading light, alarm clock and pillow (which he now sells for $39.95).

Asked what airports would think of a tent city of his Mini Motels, Mr. Giotto expressed confidence.

‘People sleeping in chairs don’t seem to bother them,’ he said. ‘We could be forcing the airports to come up with a solution to respond to the tremendous need.’”

Tim BerryTim Berry

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