Tim is out of the office this week for a business planning competition in Texas, but while he’s out, here are two resources to help you with your business planning:

How Can I Do a Better Job Forecasting Sales?

An accurate sales forecast is one of the most important parts of  a business plan. In this video from Entrepreneur.com, Tim talks about how to do a better job forecasting sales for your business.

How Can I Get an M.B.A. to Help on a Project?

Students working towards an M.B.A. can be a great resource for entrepreneurs. M.B.A. students are looking for real-world experience and opportunities to meet business owners and entrepreneurs always need another set of hands or eyes to help with a project. In Tim’s article, “How Can I Get an M.B.A. to Help on a Project?” on the Entrepreneur.com site, Tim answers a business question from an entrepreneur looking to provide an M.B.A. student with hands-on experience. They write:

How can I propose a business idea to an M.B.A. student as a project that he or she can use in class and gain hands-on experience?

Read Tim’s answer on Entrepreneur.com

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