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Greg at Berry Sleepy

Greg Doring Square“We started selling our product online this January, and in the first week, we were just trying to get the word out with social media and guerrilla marketing. It was a humbling start. However, in week two, a local TV reporter needed a story to do and caught wind of our product. She did what was essentially a three-minute infomercial on Berry Sleepy that ran 4 times throughout the morning newscast the next day.

Berry Sleepy Bottle

“We awoke that morning to hundreds of visitors on our site and dozens of orders flowing in. Suddenly, we were on the map! Orders kept coming in all week. A local talk radio host saw the TV story and had us on his show the following week. It was all an unbelievable kickstart to our venture.”

Gregory Doring and his wife Adrienne are the owners and founders of Berry Sleepy, the first all-fruit, healthy sleep aid.


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