This story is part of Bplans’ “How I Did It” series—true stories of real businesses getting started, solving problems and finding success.

Sam at Website Design Houston:

Sam Website Design Houston“When I was starting out I was working for a non-profit for a few hours a week to help them build and manage their website. Ultimately one of their board members saw the great work and recommended me to one of the fastest growing companies in Houston and that was my first paid job.”

Sameep Shah has been building websites since college, and launched Website Design Houston with a focus on building and promoting websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Abbey at Dieteman Technology Company:

Abbey Dieteman“Our first customer was our church. My husband and I began doing their technology up-keeping for free, and as church members began asking for our services for their own businesses, we knew we had found our niche. We’re in a rural area where small businesses don’t have the same access to tech resources. We knew we could change that, and that’s how DTC began.”

Dieteman Technology Company is centered on making custom tech solutions that are fun and simple for even the biggest technophobes. Abbey and her husband have also built custom computers out of plastic lunch boxes and mesh shelving units—check out some of their crazy builds here.


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