Let’s say that your business or service just isn’t fun. Let’s say, for instance, that it’s some kind of scientific device that is helpful in your particular industry, like something that helps with repetitive motion for a lab tech. And let’s pretend that you are asked to create a “Fun” advertising/marketing campaign for this not so fun product or service. What do you do?

Well, if you’re eppendorf and your product is epMotion, you put together a fake boyband and film a music video.

There’s something just so delightfully insane about this concept. And it’s executed really well. There are ringtones, wallpapers for your computer desktop, an mp3 of the song to download and even a PDF of the lyrics.

The downside of course, is that I’m not 100% sure what product they’re actually trying to sell (even after reading their website), but will I forward this link around to a bunch of friends and co-workers? You betcha.

Love it or hate it, that’s good marketing.

‘Chelle Parmele
Social Media Marketing Manager
Palo Alto Software

ps- Thanks to Ben Kearney for the heads up.