For years now I’ve been following e-books and e-book readers. I’ve read e-books on cellphones and laptops. I bought an early Rocket e-book reader for a daughter. I bought a Kindle for myself. I like e-books because they make sense to me.

books and laptop

So now, as a Kindle owner and Kindle reader, I love the Apple iPhone Kindle reader app. It means even without carrying the Kindle around, I always have access to my books. The synchronization works perfectly.

What I need now┬áis a Kindle reader on my laptop. That’s one for Mac, one for Windows. Since I travel with my laptop anyhow, why not plug it in at night and use it to read my books.

Whoops–that’s a business problem for, right? Messes with its Kindle sales? I suppose, but the iPhone does that already. And it would mean I’d buy even more books.

Just a suggestion.

(Image: Helder Almeida/Shutterstock)

Tim BerryTim Berry

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