I’m a big fan of social review sites. I like to know what other people thought of the product, CD or book I’m about to purchase. It doesn’t always sway my eventually purchasing, but I do like to go into everything with my eyes open. Buyer be wary so to speak.

When I stumbled upon an ad link stating in 24 point font that he’d been “scammed” 37 times, I felt compelled to click it. Really, how can you not click on that kind of a headline?

The author was trying to warn everyone about the different online scamming programs that say they can help you to earn money fast online(!) and telling us about his system which wasn’t a scam at all(!). And you should buy it Right Now so that you to can start making Big Bucks(!!).

I couldn’t help but giggle while looking at the ridiculousness of the entire page. (Not to mention wondering if he got paid per exclamation point.) Yes, I give a great deal of weight to peer reviews of products, but if someone has been scammed 37 times… what is his review of the product he settled onĀ  or trying to sell worth to me?


Word of mouth can mean big business, but between you and me, I wouldn’t want this kind of review anywhere near my business. You may be turning off more customers than you meant to.

~ ‘Chelle Parmele