I just read Stats: iPad Users Consume 3X Videos As Other Users on Read/Write Web (no longer available). Here are some details (direct quote from that post):

  • iPad is now the fifth most popular mobile device* *In terms of unique users, trailing only iPhone, iPod Touch, SymbianOS and Android (in that order)
  • iPad users consume 3X as many videos as web users (up from the 2.5X number that we first reported a few weeks ago)
  • iPad users spend 4X as long watching videos as web users (up from 3X)
  • iPad users consume 5X as many videos as iPhone users (up from 3X)

But–wait a minute–wasn’t this completely predictable? Is anybody surprised? They come up with a beautiful, easy-to-use, relatively cheap small tablet built for iTunes, with a 10-hour battery life, and its owners watch videos on it? As opposed to sitting upright at a computer and watching video there?

The moral of the story is, in my opinion, that sometimes “if you build it they will come” works. Create something that really works well for people who use it. True, that’s not enough: You have to tell them about it, which is Apple’s strength. Nobody will beat a path to your door if they don’t know about your mousetrap. But when it’s good, and it makes a piece of life easier, that’s a great business success. (Image credit: it’s from Apple’s website) Share/Bookmark

Tim BerryTim Berry

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