To me, yes, college is worth it. I didn’t go to college expecting to graduate and make $50K in my first job (or even $30K for that matter). I didn’t go to college expecting the school to make me more savvy as an entrepreneur. I went to college because it was logically the next step in my life (maybe not the best reason, but it’s the truth) and because I knew I needed more life experience and further education before I was ready to be out in the ‘real world’.

I may be beating a dead horse with this post, but it is really interesting to me to see some of the recent posts about college and questioning whether getting a degree is worth it. Campus Entrepreneurship countered the WSJ article about the declining value of a college degree and how it no longer guarantees a certain wage level. And Tim Berry discussed a post from regarding whether or not college is worth the time for an entrepreneurial minded individual.

I certainly understand that college is not for everyone, but I also strongly agree with what Tim Berry had to say:

Education is good for you, long term, for living your life. You should study what you want to study, not what will get you the best job.

Separate education from job training. They are different things.

I couldn’t agree more. College taught me such different things than what I have learned since graduating and entering the job market. The lessons I learned in college are not better or worse than the lessons I have learned while in business, but I wouldn’t have given up those four years of learning for anything.

Kristen Langham
Marketing Manager
Palo Alto Software

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