Today, Palo Alto Software got a taste of good business practice (and you just got a bad taste of pun).

The team at FormSpring not only integrated our customer email management service, Email Center Pro (a process we’ve been working on for a couple of months), but they sent us a cake from the best bakery in Eugene, OR, to announce it.

That makes this short post about three things:

1) Good business etiquette: Both companies have worked diligently to connect FormSpring and Email Center Pro. Now that the integration is complete, sending a gift — particularly a cake — makes an impressive statement.

2) Solid marketing approach: FormSpring sent a cake. Here’s the blog post to prove it. You can also find chatter about it on Twitter. And the buzz around the office is not due exclusively to the chocolate. Want to have an impact, be remarkable.

3) A very useful integration: FormSpring is an easy and efficient way to collect data online using customizable forms. It’s a terrific way to begin — or continue — a relationship with a customer. Email Center Pro is a customer email management tool, and serves as a tool for developing relationships. Together, they create a powerful solution. Learn more about it here.

All that said, I’m not 100 percent sure that free cake is good for productivity. I considered being more eloquent in this post. Then I realized that there’s cake here.

Jason Gallic
Product Marketing Manager
Email Center Pro