Sabrina Parsons Palo Alto Software interviewSabrina Parsons—entrepreneurial expert, “Mommy CEO“, and the head of Palo Alto Software—writes frequently on the topic of managing the dual roles of mother and businessperson, but last week she wrote an op-ed for Forbes Woman calling attention to the other half of the “working parent” conversation: working dads. From the article:

To some this may be appear to be an odd statement, because to suggest that a dad is a “working dad” is not news. Dads are expected to work, so much so that “working dad” isn’t a phrase that comes up in everyday conversation like “working mom” does. I believe that the lack of conversation about working dads is a social norm that needs to be changed. Just as gender roles for women have evolved, roles for men have changed too—fathers are now more involved with parenting than ever before, and they face many of the same struggles as mothers when it comes to balancing work and home lives.

Given that today is Working Parents Day, recognizing the unique and evolving position of working fathers is a full 50 percent of what this holiday is all about, and I encourage you to read Sabrina’s piece in full when you have the chance.

Bailey KoharchickBailey Koharchick

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