Tim Berry will be the guest of Rick Jensen today on WDEL, 1150 AM in Wilmington, Delaware.

From Rick’s blog:

Call-In Line: 478-9335

Thinking of ways to make a little more money as the cost of EVERYTHING goes up? Do you have an idea for a part-time business? Talk with Tim Berry, president and founder of Palo Alto Software, founder of bplans.com, co-founder of Borland International, author of books and software on business planning, Stanford MBA. He’s done it, written about it and teaches how to get it done.

Talk with Tim at 2:07 PM, tomorrow, Wednesday, June 25th!


You can listen to the show via the WDEL website. www.wdel.com

That’s 2:07 PM Eastern Time, so 1:07 Central Time, 12:07 Mountain Time, and 11:07 AM on the West Coast.