Entrepreneur Zack Price is guest blogging his experience this week on the 2013 StartupBus as it makes its way from Chicago to SXSW in Austin. On StartupBus a team of strangers, traveling at 60mph, have about 72 hours to conceive, build, and launch a startup. You can catch up with Post #1 in this series here and Post #2 here

I didn’t sleep at all the first night, maybe 90 minutes the next night.  I’m too tired to type.  Here’s a photo dump. Click/tap on any photo to inspect further.

This is basically my belongings for this journey. I wanted to pack lean & mean, so this is about all I brought. Rookie mistake. Especially the 5 lbs of sour gummi cherries.

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Our bus, SnufulupuBus.  Colleen is the oldest on the bus, so she gets to sit in the aisle, if she wants.








 | Bplans BlogThe dry erase window.  We were deciding on a domain name.  We decided on NextChaptr.com.

We also almost got kicked off the bus by Doyle, our bus driver, as he threatened we owed him $1500 per window panel.  (It’s just dry erase marker, dude.)







 | Bplans BlogThis is @baldingboy.  He’s the youngest on our team, so we make him do crazy stuff, like force-feed him sour gummi cherries.  This ended up back-firing on our team.  ‘Nother rookie mistake.







My new BFF’s…The Startup Bros – I’ve got a few years on them, but they have a few inches on me.  You can’t teach height.  We’re gonna do podcasts together and it’s gonna be great.

Zack Price and Will Mitchell | Bplans Blog

Startup Bro Will – 1/2 of my new BFF – he likes cigars, chips con queso, and discussing the value of precious metals.  Me too.

He understands economics better than me, and I actually graduated college.



Zack Price and Kyle Eschenroeder | Bplans Blog




Zack Price and Tatiana Bakaeva | Bplans BlogStartup Bro Kyle – the other 1/2 of my new BFF – he likes driving cross country listening to Bob Dylan.  Me too.

Kyle gave me a last second tip before I pitched on stage, I used it, and the audience ate it up.

That’s what bro’s are for.


This is Tatiana Bakaeva – she’s not only the “boss” for CareerMob, but she’s the mascot for StartupBus spin-off DrunkSpotting.com.  Talk about a diversified portfolio.

I think I got the very first drunkspotting photo with her.  I could still smell the Sharpie stench fresh off Erica Swallow’s penmanship.  Not that I was sticking my nose where it didn’t belong.

Zack Price and Megan Gebhardt and Alex Yoon | Bplans Blog


Last but oh so most certainly not least, the eLance crew — Alex Yoon & Megan Gebhart.  I told Megan she looked like Lisa Loeb.  At first she was miffed, finally she accepted the comparison.  What do you think?





Weird times, right?  Who cares.  Never forget … We are all weird.  But I’m tired.  More next time.

– Chicago Startup Guy

Stay tuned for Post #4 to find out how I choked on stage in my first real battle…

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