At LivePlan, we strive to provide resources and tools to help entrepreneurs start, manage, and grow their businesses. Last year we had the opportunity to learn from 100s of small business owners how they adapted and persevered through the COVID-19 crisis. Those insights culminated in our 2021 State of Small Business Report, and we couldn’t have done it without your support.

However, things have changed over the course of this year. We’re no longer in an immediate crisis, but many are still struggling with the continued fallout from COVID-19. Some are still looking for ways to maintain cash flow, others are continuing to adapt their business models and some are pursuing growth opportunities. It’s a broad and varied landscape where every small business owner is experiencing unique and emerging challenges.

The LivePlan 2021 State of Small Business Survey

That brings us to our LivePlan 2021 State of Small Business Survey. We’re excited to continue what was started last year with the next iteration of this research study. It’s a brief and completely anonymous questionnaire to gauge how you and other entrepreneurs have managed your business throughout this last year. 

By adding your voice to our community of entrepreneurs, you’ll provide valuable insight that can help all businesses learn and grow. We will then consolidate everything we learn from business owners like yourself to publish and share right here on the LivePlan blog in early 2022. 

As a thank you for responding to this survey, you will be entered to win a 1-year QuickBooks Online/LivePlan bundle or a $100 Visa gift card. There will be two winners selected and you’ll have the option to select either prize option.

Again, it will only take a few minutes to complete and you will remain completely anonymous. The only data we will be sharing is the aggregated results.

It’s been a complicated year for everyone. 2021 has simultaneously been an extension of the COVID-19 crisis and an opportunity for businesses to grow and recover. But through every challenge, every decision, every step of the way small business owners like yourself have risen to the occasion. We look forward to supporting you for years and years to come and thank you for your help.


The LivePlan Team

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