If you’re an Oregon company looking for angel investment, you should consider applying for the Bend Venture Conference before the Sept. 10 deadline. You can click here to go straight to the registration page. Web Picture

Although Bend is a relatively small town in central Oregon, it’s also relatively sunny for Oregon, has great outdoor activities and–here’s what’s relevant in this context–its annual venture competition draws an unusually powerful group of investors from up and down the Pacific Coast.

Bend and nearby Sunriver have attracted a number of California and Seattle high-tech people who have either retired there or keep vacation homes. Their presence adds to the venture conference interest.

This year’s version is promising $175,000 in investment money.

Be aware, though: This isn’t a business plan contest; it’s angel investment. The winner is supposed to agree to an investment that’s interesting to the angels. The typical deal is a convertible note that is set up to look like a loan, but gets converted to stocks as soon as major venture capital comes in.

I’ve attended this event three of the past four years. Only scheduling conflicts keep me away. It’s a great venue, and some very interesting companies have entered. Last year Paul Kedrosky did an excellent keynote speech. I’m looking forward to the conference again this year.

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Tim BerryTim Berry
Tim Berry

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