One of the blogs I read daily is called The Viral Garden. Today Mack Collier made a fantastic point in his post “How to Market like a Rockstar“:

Make sure you view your company and its products as your customers do. Hugh MacLeod had a great point once about making sure that your company is having the same conversation that your customers are. Apple thinks its products are cool, and so do its customers. Remember when the iPhone was introduced? Remember seeing customers proudly camping out for days outside Apple retail stores prior to the iPhone going on sale? Did you realize that in almost every case, there was a Cingular store close by selling the same iPhone, with no one waiting in line? But it was ‘cool’ to stand in line to wait for an iPhone, at the Apple store. Apple thinks the iPhone is cool, and Apple’s customers agree, AND think that THEY are by extension cool because they have an iPhone!

What great advice! What would your customers stand in line for? Are you building brand loyalty, not only for your products, but for your company?

This article, and really the whole blog, is well worth the read.

‘Chelle Parmele
Social Media Marketing Manager