Rebar Business Builders helps strengthen businesses from the inside out by installing small business marketing systems that systematically attract and retain ideal customers.

Their Managed Marketing programs provide everything a business needs to create, implement, and maintain their marketing plan. It’s like getting an entire marketing department in a box.

The man behind Rebar Business Builders is Bill Brelsford, a CPA turned marketing coach. According to Bill:

Accounting and marketing are seen as opposite ends of a spectrum. Left brain vs. right brain, analytical vs. creative, tie vs. turtleneck.

The question seems to imply that I escaped my accounting box and have to work to blend in, lest I am caught and sent back and forced to wear the green visor.

Technology is an important part of small business marketing. The internet and social media have opened up wonderful and affordable opportunities that in the past may have only been accessible to companies with large budgets. While technology provides great opportunities, it can also present challenges. I see a big part of our job at Rebar is using our experience to help remove, or at least minimize, the road blocks in using techology to market your business.

My goal is to help you create and implement a marketing system that allows you to spend less time chasing business and more time serving profitable customers.

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