One of my favorite blogs, DumbLittleMan has a guest post by Alan Johnson on 5 Business Decisions You Will Regret

A fantastic article from Chris Brown at the BrandAndMarketing blog, “What I learned from pumping gas” and a great additional article from Drew McLellan on “What I learned sweeping up hair“. Apparently there is a lot to be learned from the jobs we had when we were young and impressionable. Maybe I should ponder about my days working at Tico’s in Lincoln, Nebraska and see what I learned there.

Ben David Vinjamuri, the author of the new book, “Accidental Branding“.

7: How does an entrepreneur recognize he’s in over his head?
That is a really good question. I think the key thing is to know what you enjoy doing and recognize when the job has shifted away from that. Many of the entrepreneurs I write about sold the businesses when they were still pretty small in terms of employees because they recognized that they didn’t want to spend all of their time managing an organization.

Palo Alto Software’s good friend Jim Blasingame, was recently interviewed by U.S. News & World Report about how to prepare your small business for the recession. It’s a good article and great to see Jim’s name out there!

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