I recently read John Jantsch’s post, Coach vs. Consultant, and one of his statements caught my attention:

“Whatever you call it, there is no doubt that having a trusted adviser, one that calls BS when it needs calling, is one of the most valuable assets an entrepreneur can obtain.”


It is interesting to read the comments John received and the different ways people define a coach vs. a consultant (vs. a mentor or a navigator). Regardless of the differing definitions, no one seemed to comment on or disagree with the statement above.


I have been meaning to blog about consulting services for the last few weeks, and after reading John’s post, I figured now was a good time. When people think of Palo Alto Software, they generally associate us with Business Plan Pro. They generally do not associate us with, or possibly even know about, the various other products and resources we offer. There is a lot more to us than what meets the eye; for example, we offer consulting and coaching (or mentoring or navigation) services through our Plan Consultants network. This group of people can be a great resource to use while starting your business, and it seems like a logical fit when purchasing and using business plan software as well.

So regardless of what type of coach, consultant, mentor or navigator you want or need, if you are a budding entrepreneur, take John’s advice and obtain one of these trusted advisors.


Kristen Langham
Marketing Manager
Palo Alto Software, Inc.