Today I posted 10 Blogging Tips, 1,000 posts on Planning Startups Stories, my main blog. That was a special post; it took a lot of extra time, and I’d like to take advantage of this space here to invite you to read that there.

Here’s an executive summary:

My personal favorite posts are on the sidebar here to the right. My favorite search is the one for fundamentals, particularly the series of five posts on planning fundamentals. My favorite categories come straight from the blog title: planning, startups and stories: that’s specifically the categories planning fundamentals, true stories, and starting a business. And I also really like advice, reflections, and business mistakes. But I like most of my posts here. You kind of have to, to keep doing it.

The content of that blog overlaps with this blog, but not too much; I find it easy to keep the two separate, in my mind, and (I hope) in my writing. I focus on startups here, and startups are important there, too, because they’re important to me everywhere (trying not to sound like One Fish Blue Fish here).

I hope you like my 10 blogging tips.

And, by the way, this is post number 712 here. I should have celebrated 711 yesterday, because that’s a lucky number. Now I’ll probably have to wait another year or so to get to 1,000. Sigh …

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Tim BerryTim Berry
Tim Berry

Tim Berry is the founder and chairman of Palo Alto Software and Follow him on Twitter @Timberry.