It is easy to become enamored with new technology. But, new does not always mean better. Here is the link to a short piece from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In this 2005 show Leno arranges a speed contest between two different technologies which both use hand-operated key devices to send digitally-formatted text information via wireless broadcast signals.

The video has been posted on YouTube and other sites for several years, and the quality is rather poor, but then, maybe that ties in with my premise as well.
Click here to see the clip on YouTube.

In this technology test the team using the 170-year-old 19th-century Morse code system was faster than the 21st-century cellphone text messaging team, to the astonishment of the the cellphone team and the audience.

The point is, Beware! Implementing a new technology, a new system, or new gizmos may be cool, but it may not improve your operation nor your bottom line.

Steve Lange
Senior Editor
Palo Alto Software