There has been a growth in the number of business advisers in the U.K. in recent years and it is likely that their skill and knowledge will be in heavy demand from small businesses looking to grow and prosper in these troubling economic times.

One entrepreneur, Vicky Carne is seeking to cater for the growing needs of these advisers with the launch of The Adviser’s Edge.

The Adviser’s Edge is a Web based suit of business tools that helps business advisers market, deliver and manage their services through an online interface. It includes an online contact manager, an email newsletter service, and access to relevant resources ranging from our own Business Plan Pro to online business support. It is yet another example in the growth of online applications designed to help small businesses and their advisers.

Click here for a 30 day free trial of The Adviser’s Edge.

Alan Gleeson
Managing Director
Palo Alto Software, Ltd U.K.

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Alan Gleeson
Alan Gleeson

Alan Gleeson is the General Manager of Palo Alto Software UK, makers of LivePlan and Business Plan Pro. You can follow him on Google+.