Does your blog or website have a newsletter for informational articles or product/service announcements?

If you do, most likely it’s an opt-in list you’ve cultivated slowly over time. So, what do you do when you want to grow that list? Do you invest in a high priced email list from a broker or do you find them yourself? If you want to find and qualify those customer leads yourself, where do you start looking?

Buying a list may be the easy route, but it can get expensive. The alternative being collecting the email addresses yourself. But as I mentioned above, that can take a while if you aren’t being aggressive about it.

So get aggressive! You’re in business to make money, don’t be afraid to sell your product to people who want and need your product or service. A newsletter to give your customers that value added benefit of being your customer might be just the thing that keeps them coming back to you instead of moving to your competitor.

iContact has 9 creative ideas you can use to build your email list.

Nine Ways to Collect Email Addresses

Your website – If you’re not promoting your email list on your website, you’re not using your website well enough.

Current email lists – Using current email lists to build your own email list is an essential part of your growth. If your current recipients see something of value to them, they may think their friends will benefit as well. Allowing them to pass your email along may easily add to your list.

In-store sign-up – Add sign-up forms so people can opt-in to your email list when checking out or browsing around.

Contests – Register participants’ addresses and announce the winner through your next newsletter.

Coupons and discounts – Offer special incentives through email only, and allow recipients to pass them along to friends.

Advertisements and direct mail – Never pass up the opportunity to inform readers about your email community. Direct them to your website or have them send an email to you requesting their addition.

Business cards – On the back of your business card, promote your website and the opportunity to receive informative emails or newsletters.

Trade shows and networking events – Offer collateral material that requests them to sign up on their own.

Seminars – Give seminars on your area of expertise, and have people sign up to your mailing list for future seminars, discounted rates, and other announcements.

Be creative with these ideas, mix and match, or come up with your own ways to collect emails.

‘Chelle Parmele
Social Media Marketing Manager
Palo Alto Software

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