That’s the problem.

So the pitch is CEO/Entrepreneur/Start-up Junkie Ron Wiener believes the world is ready for a revolutionary online postal mail service.

And the goal is to secure millions in funding from investors and take Earth Class Mail from a promising idea to a profitable reality.

Welcome to the TV show, Start-Up Junkies.

My husband came across this show a few weeks ago (MOJO’s goal of reaching their target market – the discerning male – worked!) and we have watched the last couple episodes, interested to find out if Earth Class Mail is one of the unfortunate nine to fail or the fortunate one to succeed. It was entertaining to watch a start-up in action, of course in a condensed, made-for TV manner, but enjoyable nonetheless.

With all of the trash on TV these days, it was nice to come across a reality-type show such as this. I assume it was somewhat adapted for TV, but I appreciated that they portrayed the show in a realistic manner. They showed the problems Earth Class Mail encountered and illustrated that despite the idea, experience, knowledge and capital, starting a business is still very hard work and there is no guarantee of success.

I don’t know if MOJO plans to continue this series, but if they do, could you be the next star of Start-Up Junkies?

Kristen Langham
Marketing Manager
Palo Alto Software