Pamela Slim of Escape From Cubicle Nation called it an “Exceptionally rich and juicy post on becoming ‘lifestyle entrepreneur.’ ” I agree, and thanks to Slim for pointing it out.

The post she referred to is “Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur: Complete Guide and 40+ Resources” by Skellie on Anywired. From the introduction:

The goal of a lifestyle entrepreneur is not to amass a huge fortune, but instead, to achieve certain definable goals and, beyond that point, to ensure business does not interfere too much with the enjoyment of those goals.

In this article, I’ll be outlining the primary steps to becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur, followed by 40+ educational and practical resources you can use to get started.

She defined three types of lifestyle entrepreneurs: Time minimalists, nomadic entrepreneurs and doing it for love. She also gets into how, what tools to use and lots of tips. Like Slim said, it’s very rich.

Tim BerryTim Berry

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