The roads to starting your own business are not mapped and paved. You have your own path. If it takes you in that direction, good luck to you.

Path by Jaqui Martin

I don’t think many people go through any well-defined series of steps. We start businesses because we want to prove something, build something, do something, not do something else, create something–or for some other reason.

I see a lot of startups, but I almost never see startups that began with people vaguely wanting to own their own business or be their own boss and then sifting through menus of business opportunities, choosing one and building a business. I’m sure it happens. But I’m also sure that much more often, the entrepreneur sees the need or the possibility first, then builds the business while pursuing his or her own path.

You grow up, get an education, get a job in something that interests you that might or might not be related to your education. You see something that could be done better. You see something you want to do. You get an opportunity to join somebody else, helping with his or her vision. You find a way to get somebody to pay you to do what you like, instead of something else that you don’t like.

Follow your own path. It’s not a good business or bad business according to the times or the type of business. It’s a matter of whether or not you believe in it and you want to do it.

(Image: Jaqui Martin/Shutterstock)

Tim BerryTim Berry

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