While Palo Alto Software is admittedly pretty focused on software, we do have a few books available. We’ve shared the free ebook, Hurdle: The Book on Business Plans before. But we haven’t yet mentioned our other book, On Target: The Book on Marketing Plans which we have available on DocStoc for people to read for free.

Practical resources to write a marketing plan are difficult to find. On Target: The Book on Marketing Plans offers an excellent solution. On Target takes you through the process of writing an effective marketing plan from the initial concept to full implementation.

On Target assists you in gathering marketing data, establishing your product position, forecasting sales, testing your assumptions, and making tactical decisions to support your strategy and accomplish your goals. This comprehensive approach is a great formula for your marketing success.

Hurdle and On Target are authored by Tim Berry, founder and President of Palo Alto Software.


‘Chelle Parmele
Social Media Marketing Manager
Palo Alto Software