There was an industrial revolution that created industry. Now we’re in an entrepreneurial revolution, which will create, what? This is a nice thought piece, in less than five minutes, a talk with Seth Godin.

Some quotes:

Our economy now is evolving around individuals who do work that matters, and people who choose to make a difference. The really good news is that the people who are most qualified to do that are entrepreneurs and small business, because they’re close to the customers.

The challenge that entrepreneurs have is to stop looking for someone with a rule book, stop looking for some franchise or how-to book or dummies guide to say ‘send me this money, do this, and you will succeed,’ because that’s not where growth comes from. That’s being a pawn in somebody else’s game.  What I’m arguing for is doing the hard work of being an original.

No one ever got rewarded for something they were thinking about. No one ever got noticed for something they had written down in a little book. The challenge of our economy is: Did you ship? Did you get it out the door? Did you extend yourself? Did you put it into the market? If it’s something you’re thinking about, I don’t care. If it’s something you’re shipping, then I applaud you.

If you don’t see the video here, you can click here for the original.

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