Palo Alto Software moved from California to Eugene, Oregon in 1992 with two employees (founder Tim Berry and his wife Vange), and has grown into a successful business employing 45  people. But unfortunately, our state has the second-highest unemployment rate in the country. In discussions about what our company could do to help the local economy, CEO Sabrina Parsons came up with the idea of creating our own stimulus package for the state.  From there, the Oregon Small Business Boost took off.

Tomorrow we’ll be giving away 15,000 copies of Business Plan Pro Premier to any Oregon resident who can make it to one of 80 giveaway locations throughout the state.

We’re giving away the software to Oregonians, says Berry, “So that they can develop their business plans, and we at Palo Alto Software can contribute to the economy in Oregon, which has been great to us for 17 years now. So this is really giving back.”

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