starting a business

5 People You Should Talk With Before Starting a Business

by Lisa Furgison

Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own company? Make sure to talk to these 5 people before you start a business. Read more »

bootstrapping a startup

Why Bootstrapping Might Be the Best Way to Fund Your Startup

by Tim Berry

Most startup funding resources focus on getting investment or loans—but the reality is that the majority of startups are bootstrapped. Here's what bootstrapping looks like, why it's a good thing for startups, and where the money actually comes from. Read more »


How to Open a Business Bank Account

by Lisa Furgison

There’s more to opening a business bank account than going to your local branch and filling out an application. Here’s what you should consider. Read more »

Federal tax identification number employer identification number

How to Apply for an EIN: Federal Tax ID Number

by Angelique O'Rourke

A federal tax ID number is also known as a federal employer identification number—also called an EIN or FEIN. Here's how to figure out if you need a federal employer identification number, and how to apply for one. Read more »

no competition not possible

No Competition? Not Possible!

by Noah Parsons

So, your new business doesn't have any competition? Think again. All businesses have competition—but it might not be what you'd expect. Here's why every business has competition, and why that's actually a good thing. Read more »

branding and marketing goals

Is Your Marketing Plan Aligned With Your Branding Goals?

by Lexi Lu

Make sure branding and marketing align by following the 11 steps below to sync your business branding goals with your actions. Read more »

accrual accounting cash flow

Is Cash or Accrual Accounting Best for Small Businesses?

by Tim Berry

Would you rather keep track with records in your books, or just in your head? That, in a nutshell, is the difference between cash-basis and accrual accounting. Here's an overview of cash accounting and accrual accounting, to help you decide which is best for your business. Read more »


How a Medical Private Practice Business Can Overcome Obstacles to Success

by Brandon Seigel

Most healthcare practitioners aren’t trained to develop a business successfully. But to succeed at building a financially sustainable business, you need a strong organizational foundation. To protect your private practice from failure, take these essential steps. Read more »

starting a SaaS business software as a service business

SaaS 101: Starting a Software as a Service Business

by Brian Mackley

Considering launching your own app-based startup? Here are the basics to know before you begin. Read this first if you’re thinking about starting a SaaS or software as a service business. Read more »

IT support provider

How to Find an IT Provider for Your Small Business

by Jon Schram

Hiring an IT support provider often gives you an entire team of experts for less than it would cost to keep a single full-time IT employee on staff. Here's how to find an IT provider for your small business. Read more »

SBA loan rejected

5 Reasons You Might Not Qualify for an SBA Loan

by Marc Prosser

Seeking an SBA loan? Unfortunately, many businesses that want SBA loans get turned away by banks. Here are the 5 main reasons that SBA loan applicants get rejected, and what your alternatives are. Read more »

asking friends and family for money

How to Ask Family and Friends to Fund Your Business

by Lisa Furgison

Considering asking your friends and family to help fund a business? Many small businesses and startups turn to family and friends for funding. To do so successfully (and without damaging the relationship in the process), you'll want to follow these tips. Read more »

how to start a digital marketing agency

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency Without Outside Funding

by Aaron Agius

It’s easier to start a digital marketing agency without funding than people might think. Here's how one entrepreneur did it—from bootstrapping, to useful tools, to how (and when) to hire employees. Read more »

SWOT analysis

Why SWOT Analysis Belongs in Your Business Plan

by Tim Berry

Why add SWOT analysis into your business plan and the strategic planning process? The SWOT phase was vital to the planning process for Palo Alto Software, and helped the company grow from zero to over $5 million in annual sales. Here's how SWOT analysis helped PAS scale, and how to add SWOT analysis to your planning process. Read more »

business valuation

Valuation: Is Your Small Business as Priceless as You Think?

by Jim Moran

After spending years building your small business, it can be hard to put a price on it. Your company probably seems priceless to you, but there inevitably will come a time when you must calculate precisely how much your business is worth. Here's how to do it. Read more »

exit strategy small business

Planning Your Exit Strategy for Your Small Business or Startup

by Candice Landau

Start planning your business’s exit strategy now, whether you want to be acquired, go public with an IPO, or sell to your employees. Read more »

facebook customer data

If Facebook Disappeared Tomorrow, Would You Lose All Your Customer Data?

by Tyler King

Most social platforms are optimized for engagement only within that platform. The problem? Social media success doesn't always translate into real value for your company. Here's how to use social media as part of your marketing strategy—without losing control of your customer data and wasting time and resources. Read more »

restaurant business plan mistakes

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Restaurant Business Plan

by AJ Beltis

If it's your first time writing a formal restaurant business plan, it's easy to make mistakes. In the competitive restaurant industry, however, it's good to be as prepared as possible—so here are the pitfalls to avoid. Read more »

tax tips for new tax cuts and jobs act

How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Will Affect Your Small Business

by Eric Tyson

Now that tax season is just around the corner, you’re probably wondering (or outright worrying!) about how the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which took effect in 2018, will affect your tax picture this year and beyond. Here's how your business could be impacted. Read more »

nontraditional payment processing trends

5 Mobile Payment Processing Trends: Increase Your Sales and Keep Customers

by Jasmine Glasheen

While mobile payment trends are generally great for customer convenience, there are also some potential wins as far as customer retention and even reduced costs for small businesses and startups. Let’s take a look at five payment trends that you can use to boost sales and encourage repeat business. Read more »