growth tips small business

8 Ways to Get More Customers and Grow Your Business

By Briana Morgaine

Growing your customer base is essential for business success—but it's also easier said than done. How do you get more customers for your business? Read more »

sourcing and fulfillment in your business plan

How to Write About Sourcing and Fulfillment in Your Business Plan

By Tim Berry

The sourcing and fulfillment section of your business plan explains how you build that product. Here's why this section matters, and how to write it. Read more »

becoming a travel agent

How to Become a Travel Agent: Starting Your Business

By Briana Morgaine

If you love travel and enjoy the planning process, you might consider becoming a travel agent and starting a travel agency. Read more »

nonprofit budgeting

3 Good Reasons Why Nonprofits Need Better Budgets

By Sabrina Parsons

Budgets are an important tool for nonprofits—both from a legal standpoint, and to keep investors and donors engaged and happy. Here's how to improve the budgeting process within your nonprofit. Read more »

financial statements review

7 Key Insights You Can Get From Analyzing Your Financial Statements

By Vinnie Fisher

While going through your financial statements each month may seem like a formality, it can help you get a much better understanding of your business and show you what you need to do to grow. Read more »

visual search optimization small business website

8 Visual Search Optimization Tips for Your Business Website

By Hope Horner

If you’re not optimizing your website for visual search, you’ll be left behind as the trend continues on an upward swing. Here's how to do it. Read more »

how to form a corporation

How to Form a Corporation

By Peter Thorsson

Starting a business and wondering how to form a corporation? If you’ve decided to incorporate as a C corp, S corp, or B corp, here's what to do. Read more »

business growth and expansion

4 Tactics for Business Growth and Expansion

By Anna Eschenburg

Once you've got a handle on your financials, it's time to turn your attention to business growth and expansion. Here are 4 tactics that will help you grow your business. Read more »

cost cutting tips small business

30 Cost Cutting Tips for Small Businesses and Startups

By Angelique O'Rourke

Every business can benefit from saving money. These tips will help you reduce costs within your business, whether you're established or just starting out. Read more »

supply chain

Strategies to Lower Inventory Supply Chain Costs

By Andrew Armstrong

Lowering inventory supply chain costs is ultimately about understanding your costs, and working toward a balanced inventory. Here's how to do it. Read more »

start a catering business

How to Start a Catering Business

By Tony Sekulich

Wondering how to start a catering business? The catering industry is thriving, and this step-by-step guide will help you get started as a caterer. Read more »

things that kill business growth

6 Things That Can Kill Business Growth

By Lisa Furgison

If you want your business to grow successfully, here are some pitfalls to avoid. Watch out for these six mistakes that can kill business growth. Read more »

how to save on operating expenses small business

4 Easy Ways Businesses Can Reduce Operating Costs

By Kim Whitley

Want to lower your operating expenses without making drastic changes? Here are 4 easy ways to spend less money within your business. Read more »

questions loan officers ask seasonal businesses

5 Questions Loan Officers Ask Seasonal Businesses

By Steven Cohen

A loan can help seasonal businesses keep on top of their cash flow, even during offseason—but be sure you can answer these 5 questions before applying. Read more »

FBA for ecommerce businesses

5 Ways Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Can Increase Your Profits

By Ashley Coblentz

Fulfillment by Amazon can increase your profits as an ecommerce seller—if you do it right. Here are 5 ways using FBA can help you grow your business. Read more »

the amazon effect

How to Survive “The Amazon Effect” as a Small Ecommerce Business Owner

By Jake Rheude

The desire to have what you want immediately is what the ecommerce industry has coined "The Amazon Effect." Here's how to survive it as a small business. Read more »

restaurant mistakes

Top 10 Most Expensive Mistakes New Restaurant Owners Make

By Mudita Singh

Every new restaurant business owner is bound to make mistakes—and some are more costly than others. Here are 10 restaurant mistakes to avoid in the early days of running your restaurant. Read more »

innovation small business

7 Ways Small Companies Can Out-Innovate Big Corporations

By JT Ripton

Innovation has the power to drive even the smallest businesses to success, but is it enough to help them take on the biggest corporations? When it comes to innovation, here's how small business can use their size as an advantage. Read more »

grow your business for free

16 Ways Grow Your Business Without Spending Money

By Elizabeth Walker and Ken Burgin

Want to grow your business—without spending a lot of money? Here are 16 free or low-cost growth strategies you can put into place right away. Read more »

how to find angel investors

How to Land Funding From Angel Investors

By Tim Berry

If you're starting a business with high-growth potential, finding investment may be an important item on your to do list. Here's how to find angel investors. Read more »