stacks of hats; outsourcing work concept

How Many Hats Should You Wear? When to Outsource As an Entrepreneur

by Andrew Deen

There are a lot of different tasks that entrepreneurs need to attend to when building a business, particularly at the beginning. Is it time to outsource some of your work? Read more »


How to Set Smart Business Goals for 2018

by Colette Broomhead

If you’re ready for 2018 to be your most impactful business year yet, then that all starts with setting yourself up for success with SMART goals. Read more »

market research versus industry research

Industry Research Versus Market Research: What’s the Difference?

by Noah Parsons

Writing a business plan? You'll need to analyze your market and industry. But, what's the difference between industry analysis and market analysis? Read more »

2018 book list

Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read in 2018

by Kateri Kosta

This 2018, take some time out to refresh, recharge, and get inspired by these great reads recommended by the team at Palo Alto Software. Read more »


9 Strategies to Boost Employee Productivity During the Holiday Season

by Kayla Matthews

The holidays are a time for family and fun—and, oftentimes, distraction at work. Here's how to keep your business productive during the holiday season. Read more »


Pause: 15 Quotes on Why You Should Take Breaks, Relax, and Play

by Jonathan Michael

15 quotes from famous authors, poets, and speakers on why time away from work is vitally important. Here's to time off, relaxation, and a bit of play! Read more »


So You Want to Start a Cannabis Business: Advice for the Absolute Beginner

by Zoe Biehl

The cannabis industry is huge and continues to grow. If you're interested in starting a cannabis business, here's how to start and what to keep in mind. Read more »


What’s the Best Business Proposal Format?

by Briana Morgaine

A business proposal can often make or break your chances of securing a new client. So, how do you write a business proposal, and what’s the proper format? We're here to help. Read more »

subscription business model

The Subscription Economy May Be Revolutionary—But It’s Not Without Risks

by Blair Thomas

The subscription business model allows companies the ability to deliver awesome client experiences day after day—but it's not without risks. Read more »

preparing business taxes

How to Prep Your Business Before Tax Season

by Crystalynn Shelton

Tax time will be here before you know it—so we're sharing some easy-to-implement tips that will help make filing your business taxes a breeze. Read more »

web design, how we built outpost

How to Build a Website for a New Product (and How We Did It)

by Noah Parsons

No matter what kind of business you are starting, you need a website. Here's how we built the website for our new product, Outpost—we'll walk you through the process. Read more »

business ethics

Why Should Small Business Owners Think About Ethics?

by Alison Napolitano

As a business owner, tough decisions come every day—but are you handling things ethically within your business, and making ethical business decisions? Read more »


Customer Service: A Sense of Mission

by Varda Epstein

How do you prevent customer service burnout? Remember why you started a business in the first place. Here's how one business uses their mission as motivation. Read more »

sales forecasting

An Inside Look at the Best Way to Build a Sales Forecast

by Noah Parsons

Sales forecasting is a great way to kick off your business planning, and it gives you a solid starting point for the rest of your financial forecast. Here's how to forecast your sales, and how we did it for our new project, Outpost. Read more »

buying a business

Buying Your Way Into Entrepreneurship: What You Need to Know

by Bruce Hakutizwi

Plenty of entrepreneurs dream of launching their own startup, but the traditional path to business ownership is beginning to shift. Here's why buying an existing business is sometimes a smart alternative to starting from scratch. Read more »

resilience in business

Resilience in Business: What I Learned From Failing My Way Into a Six-Figure Freelance Startup

by Kc Agu

Failure in business offers a chance to become more resilient and learn invaluable lessons. Here's what one entrepreneur learned on his path to success. Read more »


How We Designed Our New Logo (Plus, a Creative Brief Template)

by Noah Parsons

You don't need to have a graphic designer on your team to create a logo for your new business. Here's how we designed the logo for our new product, Outpost. Read more »


7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Considering a Subscription Box Business

by Stefan Pretty

The subscription box business model is incredibly popular (and for good reason), but is it right for you? Ask yourself these 7 questions to find out. Read more »


How to Avoid Killing Your Startup

by Louis Efron

Does your commitment to your central purpose overshadow your ability to run a successful business? Here's how to fix that and avoid killing your startup. Read more »


How to Increase Your ROI With Color Psychology

by James Cummings

Have you thought about how your brand colors (or the colors used in your store or business) impact how you are perceived? Here's what you should know about how using the right colors can help your business. Read more »