Piracy is still rampant in the world and, Captain Jack Sparrow notwithstanding, it is costing businesses and consumers a lot.  Not even our niche-market product, Business Plan Pro®, is immune.  The pirates who try to counterfeit our products probably stole and used it to write a business plan, forecasting the sales forecast and cost of goods to calculate the break-even point on how to steal from us.

Here are some recent examples in the ongoing struggle between those who can and do create — and those who can’t.

The Plagiarius Awards are given annually for the best (most flagrant) product imitations.  Shame the counterfeiters.

Twenty-first century pirates are still stealing ships.  National Geographic reports in the October 2007 issue.

Microsoft busts piracy ring.  The global economy and global commerce has opened the door to global pirate rings.

Sweden sues illegal download site.  File-sharing site, The Pirate Bay, charged with worldwide copyright violations.

Harry Potter prevails in voldecourt.  And there are those who would try to pirate successful work using the courts as a weapon.

–Steve Lange
Senior Editor
Palo Alto Software

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