You might call it “I pitched my business to venture capitalists and lived to tell the story.” Scott Gerber, who wrote this piece for, called it 6 Steps to the Perfect Pitch. He didn’t get the money, but he learned a lot:

As you might have guessed, I didn’t walk out of that meeting with a $15 million check. I later realized, however, that this was one of the greatest educational experiences of my young career. I learned more about real-world fundraising in 30 minutes than many entrepreneurs learn in a lifetime. To this day, whenever I pitch investors for capital, I always remember these six hard-learned lessons:

And as you can tell from the context, he goes on to share six well-written lessons, worth reading.

If you’re at all interested in business pitches and venture capital or angel investment deals, you’ll also enjoy his lively retelling of a pitch session that didn’t work. The interruptions, the questions he answered wrongly and the disappointing result.

I consider this a nice addition to my suggestions on making the business pitch, and perfectly compatible. For the record, that includes a five-part series on, and this short video on making the pitch.

Tim BerryTim Berry

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