Plug & Play, a 2.0 revision of the 1.0 incubator concept that was once popular in technology circles, is attracting a lot of attention in Silicon Valley. Are incubators coming back? Is Plug & Play representative of what’s to come? Is Plug & Play right for your start-up? Click into the links below if you want to know more.

Sunnyvale, California-based Plug & Play is the brainchild of 46-year-old Saeed Amidi and his 52-year-old brother Rahim Amidi, Iranian immigrants who have forged an unusual symbiotic link between real estate and technology investments. Their strategy is simple—gather entrepreneurs under one roof, introduce them to venture capitalists, and get in on a little of the action themselves. That approach has put the Amidis at the center of dozens of promising deals and is transforming the property owners into two of the most well-connected power brokers in Silicon Valley. – Source: Red Herring

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