Hooray! Although I live about 100 miles south of Portland, Ore., I think it’s one of–and possibly the best–small city in America, so I’m very happy to see “Never Mind the Valley: Here’s Portland” on the very well-read and respected ReadWrite blog.

When asked what shapes Portland’s startup culture, Silicon Florist blogger Rick Turoczy named three defining aspects of the industry–hardware roots, open-source projects and iPhone development. Turoczy has been in Oregon for the past 15 years and started Silicon Florist as a way to cover the region’s early-stage startup scene alongside other Portland tech sites sch as Mike Rogoway’s Silicon Forest blog and Strange Love Live.

Not to mention that it’s a delightfully diverse small city that looks up to snow-capped Mt. Hood on clear days, has a beautiful river running through it, a good dose of higher education and high-tech business, a lot of outdoor activities, a nice collection of restaurants and a cost of living at least a bit less outrageous than the Seattle or Silicon Valley areas.

The majority of ReadWriteWeb’s team calls Portland home. Agrees Marshall Kirkpatrick, “There’s a very supportive community, lots of very creative people and a great history of geekery. People interested in open source, wikis, RSS and mobile apps will find some of the most influential developers and companies in the world available to connect with in Portland.”

I’m glad to see that post. I agree. There are a lot of great places for startups outside of the main hubs. And in most cases, the best place to start a business is wherever you want to be.

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