Project management is critical in manufacturing, event planning, software development… but did you know it’s just as important in marketing?

Joe Dager puts it this way:

“The purpose of a project plan in marketing is to coordinate many of the uncertain activities that happen. And possibly more importantly, a good project plan will coordinate the activities of your resource requirements. Not everything will be predictable, but if we can make even some of the unpredictable predictable, we will increase the likelihood of success.”

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AvatarJoe Dager

Joe Dager is president of Business901, a progressive company providing practical, information-rich services and product offerings designed as implementable systems that work in the real, not enough time, not enough people world we operate in. Business901 tools simplify the marketing process, not complicate it. Joe's experience includes manufacturing, retail, and professional services and has been through several start-ups and turnarounds. Joe is an authorized Duct Tape Marketing Coach and specializes in Product Marketing. The Business901 blog is rated Technorati in the top 1% of all blogs worldwide, and his nonproft blog, FundingYourNonprofit is rated in the top 5%. Joe has a bi-monthly local television program, Connecting Your Passion and is also a contributor to the American Express Open Forum and Business Week Forum.