It was only last September that I posted here that I want a Kindle Reader on my Laptop. Going right along with my long-term theme about how the good ideas are already out there and lots of people have them at the same time, it’s now clear that was way ahead of me. Because the Kindle software for PC is downloadable today.

Two things strike me about this: first, that it’s there now, and the Mac version is coming. You can put your name on a list to be alerted when that’s available. Second, business ideas are like this. When I was posting about it a few months ago, was already working on it. It was that obvious. Which shows again that the thing to do with a good idea is implement. Make it happen. Don’t think the idea itself has any value.

And this morning there’s another fascinating new Kindle note from TechCrunch as well: Amazon To Introduce New 70% Royalty Option For Kindle Digital Text Platform. I love this one. is apparently opening up a new opportunity for e-book entrepreneurs. Package yourself, deliver the buyers and take most of the revenue. It seems like a good deal for and a good deal for entrepreneurs.

I suspect some people will worry that this cuts through the role of the publishers. But I don’t think so. I think the publisher model means careful selection, editing, production and a lasting piece of the market. Adding a self-published model on top just gives us all–entrepreneurs, authors and readers–more choice.

Tim BerryTim Berry

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