It may not be useful, but then few surveys really are, and at least this one is a lot of fun. That’s Survey: 75% of iPhone Users Have a Wholly Inappropriate Relationship With Their Phones as reported by Dan Nosowitz on his Fast Company blog.

The survey in question was done at Stanford by a group of students with a sense of humor. Here are some results (quoting Dan’s blog):

The researchers surveyed 200 iPhone-owning students, 70% of whom have owned their iPhones less than one year, on their oft-inappropriate relationships with the gadget. Some of the most important (read: funniest) findings:

  • 75% admit to falling asleep with their iPhones. 0% would admit what happened when the lights went off.
  • 30% of the respondents checked the box reading, “I consider my iPhone to be a ‘doorway to the world,'” which allows the researchers to say “30% of respondents consider their iPhone to be a ‘doorway to the world,'” even though nobody actually says that.
  • Under the question “Losing my iPhone would be…”, 41% checked “a tragedy.” Write-in responses included “Betty White.”
  • 8% admitted that they at some point have thought “My iPod is jealous of my iPhone.” 100% of those respondents giggled while telling their friends about that response.

I still think most surveys are bogus because of bias in the framing or the questions, or the selection of respondents, or interpretation of results. But at least this one seems kind of fun.

(With thanks to Ian Aspin for his tweet about it)

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