About six months ago, I signed up to be eligible for a “Dash Navigation” GPS beta pool. Dash was giving away free GPS units to people for feedback in return.

I don’t do a huge amount of traveling, so I wasn’t picked. But this morning I got an email from Dash Navigation.

“Quick Survey from Dash” it said.

Since this is the first I’ve heard from them since they said no thanks to my application, I clicked on the link to take the survey.

The first question:


“Did you know that Dash is currently taking pre-orders for the first commercially shipping Dash Express devices?”

The choices were yes and no.

I picked no.

They said Thanks! and that was it.

Huh. No handy link for more information. I was at a dead end page.The link to learn more about the device and pre-order was on the first page of the survey.

Is this a clever campaign to let people know of the pre-release? (You didn’t know about the pre-order campaign? Well you do now!) Or a completely missed opportunity?

‘Chelle Parmele
Social Media Marketing Manager