Set Financial Goals and Track Business Performance on a Powerful Dashboard

Creating a budget and a sales forecast for your business is a critical first step towards business success. LivePlan helps you create the smart budgets and forecasts you need for your business—No MBA or other financial knowledge required.

Once those forecasts are in place, you need a process to manage change, to react to new information, and to keep everything up to date — a live plan. That’s what the LivePlan Dashboard provides. See how your actual performance matches up with your expectations and chart a better course for your business.

The LivePlan Dashboard helps you dig into areas of your business that aren’t going as well as expected. Maybe your new product launch or second location’s opening is two months late, so the revenue that you forecast for those months doesn’t exist. Maybe a key assumption about your target market, or your price point, turns out to be off base. Maybe it takes longer to find the right salesperson to ramp up revenue. Whatever it is, something is guaranteed to happen that you didn’t expect. The LivePlan Dashboard allows you to see exactly what levers need to be dialed up or down, tweaking your strategy to meet expectations and hit realistic goals.

Get the insights you need to grow your business

Don’t let your key business numbers stay buried in your accounting system. LivePlan’s Dashboard gives you easy-to-understand insights for your key business numbers so you know what you need to do to grow your business. Do you need to charge more? Should you collect money faster? How are your profits?

LivePlan - Scoreboard - Fiscal Year

LivePlan’s Dashboard helps you uncover key issues that are impacting your cash flow so that you can ensure that you have the cash-on-hand that you need to run and grow your business.

Stay ahead of the curve with real insights, trends, and industry benchmarks

With LivePlan’s Benchmarks data, you can see at-a-glance how you compare to companies just like yours. Note your industry and location, and it’ll tell you if you’re doing better or worse than your competition and how you can improve. These kinds of insights are critical to growing your business.


Ditch the spreadsheets

Comparing your sales and expenses to your plan, last month’s performance, and last year’s data is a time consuming and frustrating process. LivePlan makes it simple: Sync your QuickBooks or Xero accounting data to LivePlan and you’ll get all the reports you need to see with a single click. You can even see historical cash flow reports to help predict when cash is going to be tight in the future.


Share with your team, business partners, and investors

Share your LivePlan Dashboard for free with as many business partners as you would like. Just give your partners access to LivePlan and they can get all the information they need.

Simple business planning

If you need to put together a professional business plan, LivePlan has you covered. Impress investors, bankers, and advisors by writing an investor-ready plan in LivePlan and selecting the perfect design template from our PDF theme library. Simply download your plan as a PDF or Word doc or share it online with unlimited free guest passes.

Keep your business plan alive today—for less than the monthly cost of a pair of movie tickets!

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