We all know times are tough. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait for a better economic climate to make the career move you’ve  been thinking of.

When a Springfield, Oregon woman lost her job at the corporate headquarters of a temp agency, she took advantage of the opportunity. Within hours of filing for unemployment, she was signed up as a distributor for a company that makes recycled paper products. She was able to take her misfortune and combine it with her long-standing interest in sustainability, with the result being a whole new career.

Talk about finding the silver lining.

As more companies cut back, more people are going to find themselves in this kind of position. Seeing it as a chance to follow your passion will not only help you weather a difficult situation, but can lead to greater financial, and personal, rewards.

But why wait for the axe to drop to make a change?

Jay Snider
Customer Care Specialist