This is a great list. If you are an entrepreneur, or want to become one, you want to be familiar with the Small Business Trends blog by Anita Campbell and a team of others (disclosure: including me, although I haven’t been posting there as often as I wish). It has a wide spread of coverage, good information and a well-deserved great reputation.

I’m reminded today because of this list of The Best Small Business Books of 2009. Yes, I might be biased by being one of the editors’ choice judges, but I still think it is an excellent blog.

There are 12 books on the list. However, I want to call out my three favorites. These are as they appeared in Small Business Trends, so the rest of this post (except for links to my reviews) is directly quoted from Small Business Trends:


Escape from Cubicle NationEscape from Cubicle NationPamela Slim writes a guide for aspiring entrepreneurs still stuck in corporate jobs or who recently left. Read my review.   Read the Small Business Trends review.

  • Why Read This Book: It’s a road map for getting yourself out of that corporate cubicle and into your own startup.
  • Key Take-Away: If you think that corporate life is killing you, it probably is.  Staying where you are will not make you successful–you have to make a change to be successful.


greening-businessGreening Your Small BusinessLearn how making your business green isn’t just trendy, but cost-effective. Jennifer Kaplan explores how and why to weave green practices into your business. Read my review.

  • Why Read This Book: Today’s consumer sees eco-friendliness and “green” as a reason to buy from you.
  • Key Take-Away: There are literally hundreds MORE green tips out there than “recycle.”  Switching to internet apps is just one unexpected example.


Me 2.0 by Dan SchawbelMe 2.0No matter your status in the world of work–employed, unemployed, business owner, consultant or freelancer–your personal brand will determine your ultimate success. Written by Dan Schawbel, publisher of Personal Branding Magazine. Read my review. Read the Small Business Trends review.

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