Given that I post here some of my own startup ideas and startup ideas that might work for you, I’m happy to refer this last workday of 2007 to Guy Kawasaki’s list of what he wants for Christmas in 2008. One of the best ways to build your startup is to fill a need, and who better than Guy to list some needs that could relate to your new business.

I’m highlighting some of my favorites. Guy’s list is longer.

    1. Two enhancements to MarsEdit: First, the Media Manager dialog has to launch faster. Second, I’d like to crop and proportionately resize pictures from within MarsEdit.
    2. Every time I buy something online or get a password, I store the confirmation email in Yojimbo. It’s saved me hundreds of dollars and many hours of looking for such tidbits of information. I would like the ability to name a document so that it can say more than “Toyota Configurator.” Then Yojimbo would be just about perfect.
    3. Skitch is also a very important piece of software for me. It is what I use to take screen shots. There’s only one shortcoming in it for me: It can’t “save as” in the JPEG format. I know I can drag and drop the file to the desktop in the JPEG format, but on my MacBook Pro, I usually can’t see the desktop. This problem will get worse if my next MacBook has an even smaller screen.
    4. You’re probably not a big user of Facebook, but we mortals are. Maybe I’m too close to my next life to make it the center of my world. Hence, answering Facebook internal e-mail is killing me. Right now I have 226 unread messages. Maybe you could tell Mark (Zuckerberg, not St. Mark) to enable POP or IMAP access to Facebook messages?
    5. One last item that is true of almost every consumer electronics and computer company: Print serial numbers so that people can read them. Whoever designed the nanotech serial numbers for Apple products is either a sadist or he/she owns stock in flashlight and magnifying glass companies. Are the numbers small so that people can’t figure out if their products are part of an exchange program? How many Apple serial numbers can fit on the head of a pin? Is this some kind of FSJ Zen thing?

That’s about half of what’s on Guy’s list. I haven’t included them all because suggestions on changes in Apple laptops or Toyota SUVs or Microsoft Office are probably less feasible for startup ideas.

Tim BerryTim Berry

Tim Berry is the founder and chairman of Palo Alto Software and Follow him on Twitter @Timberry.