No two entrepreneurs are alike. Sure, other articles may suggest that all successful entrepreneurs do the same 12 things before breakfast, but we know better.

Some entrepreneurs wake up before dawn, while others burn the midnight oil. Still, many others burn the candle from both ends.

Some are precise and methodical in their pursuit of business success, while others approach their ventures like a mad scientist in a lab, throwing various innovative elements together to see what works.

One of the best indications of just how unique entrepreneurs are is their workspace. That’s why I reached out to entrepreneurs from around the U.S., asking them to share a photo of their workspace and explain why it’s uniquely suited to them.

Below are photos from 11 different entrepreneurs. Perhaps you will find some inspiration to make your own workspace more customized to your needs. Enjoy!

Samantha Levine, Auburn Jewelry


“My space is unique because it’s a metals studio. Metal studios are very hard to come by and I’m very lucky to have my own!” — Samantha Levine, Auburn Jewelry; New York

Ben Pappas, Call Creator Plus


“Being so close to the beach and colorful culture of Venice Beach, CA continues to inspire us everyday.” — Ben Pappas, Call Creator Plus / Sell My Couch; California

Conrad Brinker, Contronics, Inc.


“After working long hours doing programming, it’s nice to take a break by standing up and looking out over the Pacific. As an entrepreneur, looking out over the horizon gives me the feeling of being an explorer and moving forward.” — Conrad Brinker, Contronics, Inc.; California

Mike Moyer, Lake Shark Ventures, LLC.


“As I write [this], my 16-month old is playing with his toy trains right outside my office.” — Mike Moyer, Lake Shark Ventures, LLC.; Illinois

Stephanie Jiang, Lazy Creatures


“It’s very barebones. The lack of clutter helps me focus on what I need to do. ” — Stephanie Jiang, Lazy Creatures; California

David Reischer, Esq.,


“I like having two offices that allow me the freedom to work either from home or with my colleagues.” — David Reischer, Esq.,

Rohan Gilkes,


“What we love about the current set up is that it encourages us to communicate, unlike being in cubicles or our own offices. Also no desks are permanent. So if me and another team member are working on something we sit on the same two-person station on that day.” — Rohan Gilkes (localcasestudy on reddit),

Stephen Antisdel, Precept Partners, LLC


“We have an internet consulting business located in the Buchanan Museum of Fine Art. Because much of what we do is creative work, it’s nice to be able to walk around the museum and look at the artwork for inspiration.” — Stephen Antisdel, Precept Partners, LLC; Michigan

Katherine O’Hara, The O’Hara Project


“This space is my personality—my firm’s personality. It’s open, warm, inviting, and relaxed. It’s a fun place to spend our many hours and communicates the agency’s culture and style to clients and prospects.” — Katherine O’Hara, The O’Hara Project; New Jersey

Kashanna Evans, Kissing Lions Public Relations


“My workspace was renovated by the Style Network. It absolutely inspires me…I love the colors, the comfort, the coffee table that clicks up to double as a desk and the plush velvet backboard that gives it a cozy, elegant feel.” — Kashanna Evans, Kissing Lions Public Relations; New York

Amy Baxter, M.D., Buzzy Drug Free Pain Relief


“[I] love that we all have spaces spread out for privacy, but an open area lets us still yell to each other effectively.” — Amy Baxter, M.D., Buzzy Drug Free Pain Relief; Georgia

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AvatarJonathan Michael

Jonathan is the Engagement Marketing Manager for Palo Alto Software, and has spent the last 9 years developing and implementing digital marketing strategies. During that time, he has learned that empathy and authenticity are strengths by which companies can effectively engage with individuals at every point throughout the customer journey.